Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Pizza Month 2010

Woof. That's the word that best encapsulates my experience eating (at least) a slice a day this past 31 days for National Pizza Month. My goal was simple: eat a slice a day at a different pizzeria each day, no repeats. For fairness, I avoided toppings and stuck to plain slices at slice joints (with the exception of Frank Pepe's and Bar Pizza). Take a look at the cross section of pies, ranging from delicious-looking to yak-inducing-

October 1st: Pizza Box - 176 Bleecker St., Manhattan

October 2nd: Vinny's Pizza - 148 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn

October 3rd: Two Boots - 74 Bleecker St., Manhattan

October 4th: Joe's - 7 Carmine St., Manhattan

October 5th: Pizza Suprema - 413 8th Ave., Manhattan

October 6th: Gino's Pizza - 218 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn

October 7th: Eden - 166 N. 7th St., Brooklyn

October 8th: Pizza Booth - 165 Bleecker St., Manhattan

October 9th: Pizza Moto - Lafayette & Vanderbilt Ave. (Brooklyn Flea), Brooklyn

October 10th: V&M Pizza Town - 85 5th Ave., Brooklyn

October 11th: L&B Spumoni Gardens - 2725 86th St., Brooklyn

October 12th: Bleecker Street Pizza - 69 7th Ave., Manhattan

October 13th: Ben's Pizza (Greenwich Village) - 123 MacDougal St., Manhattan

October 14th: Anna Maria - 179 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn

October 15th: Francesco's Pizza - 140 W. 4th St., Manhattan

October 16th: Rocket Joe's - 61 Delancey St., Manhattan

October 17th: Anthony's Pizzeria - 426 7th Ave., Brooklyn

October 18th: Ben's Pizza (SoHo) - 177 Spring St., Manhattan

October 19th: Phil's Pizza - 226 Varick St., Manhattan

October 20th: Artichoke Basille's - 328 E. 14th St., Manhattan

October 21st: Cafe Amore - 319 6th Ave., Manhattan

October 22nd: Bella Napoli - 150 W. 49th St., Manhattan

October 23rd: Rose & Joe's - 2240 31st. St., Queens

October 24th: Bergen Pizza - 67 6th Ave., Brooklyn

October 25th: Little Italy Pizza - 55 W. 45th St., Manhattan

October 26th: Famous Ray's - 465 6th Ave., Manhattan

October 27th: Stromboli Pizzeria - 112 University Place, Manhattan

October 28th: 99¢ Fresh Pizza - 388 6th Ave., Manhattan

October 29th: Z Pizza - 298 Bleecker St., Manhattan

October 30th: Frank Pepe's - 157 Wooster St., New Haven, CT

October 31st: Bar Pizza - 254 Crown St., New Haven, CT

While my adventure may not seem so daunting spread out across an entire month, I was beginning to feel like a pizza in my last week of eating (not sure if that's a good or a bad thing...), so I can't even imagine what Nick Sherman felt like eating nothing but pizza for a month.

What was the best slice you ask? (you are asking, right?) Taste is in the mouth of the beholder, but there was no beating Bleecker St. Pizza, though it had an unfair advantage: since there weren't any plain slices available, I had a slice of their 'Nonna Maria' pie which added garlic and basil. That being the case, the runner-up is Joe's.

On the other side of the spectrum, there were a lot of uninspiring slices (to put it nicely). If I had to chose a worst slice, it's gotta be Little Italy's which put me into a wretched pizza coma from a single slice. It takes a lot for me to get queasy from a slice, but this one put my vom-reflexes to the test. Grosstown city.

If I learned one thing from my slice-capade it's this: this town has too many great pizza joints to ever have a bad slice.
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