Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, I did it. I went to Roberta's. Finally. What a cool place! Sure, the neighborhood is slightly industrious/sketchy, and if you weren't looking for it you'd easily miss it, but once you're there and you're seated, the warm, welcoming atmosphere washes over you like a cozy blanket.

I met some good pals for Dunch (or is it Linner? Fill in the blank with your own lunch-dinner permutation), and we immediately made ourselves at home. Never mind the fact that it was only 3:30, ordering a growler of Six Point Sweet Action ale hit the spot as we waited for our individual pizzas. Cool growler, cool mason jar-glasses, cool everything.

As per usual, I ordered a Margherita, no frills. No matter, this was one fine pizza-

So fine in fact I couldn't help myself from scarfing a slice before taking my obligatory wide shot of the pie. Roberta's takes the road less traveled and does the six-slice-cut, something I'm becoming more fond of over it's four-quartered relativ- MY GOD, scope out that slightly burned mozzarella!

Get outta town, so smooth. The crust was perfectly charred on both the bottom and top. The undercrust had a very nice 'firmness' to it, making the pie feel less sloppy and generally cleaner with very little 'tip sag.'

Two of my other friends ordered Margheritas with "prosciutto crudo." Never having heard this term before, our waitress explained that 'crudo' means "after the oven," where as it's counterpart 'cotto' means, you guessed it, "before the oven." We'll see if that ever enters my pizza lexicon, but I have my doubts...

Looks pretty damn crudo to me. Oh and check out this little guy!

Pizza wart! (please tell me I coined that phrase; I'm definitely adding that to my terminology). Another friend ordered the delicious "Madd Martigan" which is comprised of mozzarella, mushrooms, pesto and artichoke-

Perfect combination and amount of toppings in my opinion- well blended and not too heavy. You know how I feel about overwhelming a pizza with too many toppings.

Roberta's is unique in that they have a small greenhouse out back to serve as a supplementary source for their toppings. I say supplementary because, as I understand it, most of the produce comes from Greenpoint's Rooftop Farms, which is awesome and exactly what it sounds like. I wish more restaurants and pizzerias bought their produce from this place... And did I mention Roberta's has their own radio station?!

I think that may be the first radio-pizzeria fusion ever. I can't wait to go back.


  1. I think you got those terms confused there, slick. Crudo means before the oven and cotto post-baked. To help remember, I made up a little saying:

    Im a crude, rude food, that's ready for you, dude.

    Umm... I guess that doesn't help.

  2. Crudo just means raw.. not cooked..


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