Monday, April 19, 2010

Enzo's Brick Oven Pizza

Holy smokes! Over two months without a single update? Boy am I embarrassed, please forgive me readers (if there are any of you left at this point)! I promise the time spent away from blogging has been productive, and while I can't specify exactly what I've been working on right now, I hope to update you soon with some exciting news on the doc production.

IN THE MEANTIME, let me direct your attention to Enzo's, a cozy little joint with a WFO (wood fired oven) just chillin' on the cusp of Windsor Terrace and Park Slope in Brooklyn, only a block from the southwest corner of Prospect Park. I'd heard a few praises of Enzo's from friends, so I decided to stop in for a small pie last time I was in the neighborhood.

Like most traditional brick oven spots, Enzo's is eat in/take out, but no slices. That being the case, my trusty camera and I grabbed a table for two and ordered a small Margherita. Enzo's is a relatively small place with maybe 15 tables and a menu not limited to just pizzas but standard Italian fare as well. While I no doubt enjoy my share of antipasti and gnocchi and what have you, I can't waste stomach space on any dish consisting of tomatoes, cheese and carbs unless it's pizza, ya dig?

I love Enzo's oven- it's built right into the wall with *gasp* bricks. In a time fraught with brick-oven imposters, it's great to see a legit oven built with bricks, inside and out. Reminds me a lot of Toby's, located not too far from here. Just a few minutes later my pie arrived:

As you can tell, the place is dimly lit so it's hard to take a decent picture, but at least you get a feel for the ambiance, right? The pizza (about 12" in diameter) instantly reminded me of a smaller Grimaldi's or Angelo's pie (though I can't say it was up to par with either). The first thing I noticed is that the Margherita is listed on the menu as having basil (as it should), but none was found on my pie...

I asked for basil on the side, but the waiter made no acknowledgment that I shouldn't have had to have done that. Oh well, the pizza was still pretty spectacular, especially for a place that no one seems to have heard of. I had no idea what to expect, and it's easiest to be impressed when you have no expectations.

This is going to really date this post, but I was at Enzo's on Oscar night (March 7th, eek! Over two months ago!). Regardless, it was ultimately satisfying and seemingly befitting to wolf this entire pie while Baba Wawa interviewed my pizzaphiliac brethren, the Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga!


  1. Nice to see that you're back and blogging again, Brooks!

  2. brook where the fuck have you been!!!!!
    good to see you're back
    ps i have been meaning to come to paulie's's been a hectic 2010!!
    please tell him i am hoping to stop by before i leave for italy in june
    if not i will when i get back!!
    hope all is well

  3. That really looks good. I hope this store values consistency when it comes to the food that they serve. Or am I too late. This was a year ago. So is the pizza of that kind still available?

    Hookah Guy

  4. Amiel it's never too late my man. Just ate at Enzo's again recently and it was just as great as the first time. Grab a pie!
    -pizza commander

  5. Oh... it's good to hear that pizzacommander. Now my mouth waters! Gotta find time to have a bite (and more bites) of this one.

    Thanks for the info!

    Shisha Guy


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