Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Western Frontier: San Fran

Hey pizza friends, pizza makers, pizza eaters, and pizza lovers- I'm headin to San Fran this week! What should I do and where should I eat while in the bay area? Advice extremely appreciated!

-pizza commander


  1. I only went to two places while I was there-Delfina and Tony's. Delfina might be my favorite pizza ever, as it was crispy but also bready, which shocked me since it's from a regular oven (gas?). Tony's was really really great traditional Neapolitan and I loved the neighborhood, North Beach, for its abundance of Italian bakeries.
    If you like wine or movies, near Tony's is Cafe Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola's restaurant. It's filled with memorabilia and it was so much fun.

  2. Tony's and Delfina are musts on my list, but I had no idea about Zoetrope! Love FFC!

    Thanks Melissa!

  3. Tony's and Delfina are definite must-dos.

    Here's my recommendations:

  4. Not to be missed under any circumstances:

    Humphry Slocombe ice cream
    Pizzeria Delfina
    Brenda's French Soul Food (solely for beignets to go)
    Pancho Villa (solely for the prawn burrito)

    A map of my favorite spots:

  5. this is killer!

    i was just finishing up a SF pizza google map when you sent this, now i'm sure to stay busy

    you're the (egad)man


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