Monday, November 30, 2009

La Villa

The other day I managed to lug myself all of six blocks to a nearby pizzeria that I had heard some positive reviews about from my fellow Park Slopers, La Villa.

Adam @ Slice reported some mixed reviews based on some home-delivered pies a while back, so I decided I had to experience La Villa 'in the flesh.' Just one problem: what the hell should I order? Villa boasts five different incarnations of a Margherita and it was making my head spin. Despite their descriptive explanations, I had to get some clarification from my waitress:

Napoletana - a fresh ingredient take on New York pizza (grated whole-milk mozzarella) with San Marzano tomatoes
Margherita D.O.C. - 'New York Neapolitan' (ala Luzzo's & Lucali) pie with homemade mozzarella, basil, and S.M. tomatoes.
Mozzarella di Bufala - same as above, but with buffalo mozzarella
Siciliana - typical deep-dish Sicilian square with grated whole-milk mozz.
Focaccia della Nonna - The grandma slice, substituting sauce with crushed S.M. tomatoes and in an atypical circular rather than rectangular appearance.

I ordered the Bufala but they were outta the cheese, so I opted for the D.O.C., and it was fantastic:

It's out of focus, I know, but you get the idea. Man, this had to be one of the lightest pizzas I've ever had, and I mean that literally- every time I served a slice I thought it was going to float away.

The crust is nice and charred and airy. I have to admit, I had low expectations for a place that serves much more than just pizza.

I think my only complaint, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, is that it needed salt. I know I'm eating my words a bit after giving Bloomberg hell a while ago, but I'm just telling you what my taste buds wanted.

La Villa uses a wood-fired oven assisted by gas to keep the oven consistently hot.

It looks strikingly similar to Black Sheep's oven- anyone know what these are called?

With four other Margherita varieties left on the menu, I know I'll be back. At least four more times...


  1. and it's conveniently located for good times amongst the masses. it can draw friends from the slope, prospect heights and crown heights.

  2. They are Woodstone ovens, Pizza Commander:


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