Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Una Pizza Napoletana NY, R.I.P.

I try to live a regret-free life, but man did I eff up this weekend. On Saturday night I headed for Una Pizza Napoletana, the much talked-about authentic Neapolitan pizzeria founded and almost single-handedly run by Anthony Mangieri.

(courtesy of Serious Eats)

Of course the line was massive, so I decided to save this pizzeria for another day.


According to Slice, as of yesterday Mangieri finished up the sale of his shop to Mathieu Palombino, who will turn it into a Manhattan chapter of his Williamsburg hit, Motorino.

Mangieri is packing up and heading out to the San Fran bay area, already accruing its own pizza revolution of sorts. Why the move? NY Mag quotes him,

"Every week, a new place opens. No one pays their dues. They see something that can make money and go, ‘Oh, let’s open a Neapolitan place.’ It’s disgusting!” Lately, he’s been mulling a move to the West Coast, where the lifestyle, at least, is more relaxed."

(courtesy of NY Mag)

(Anthony with his $40,000 wood oven)

Mangieri and Una Pizza Napoletana garnered themselves an austere reputation for absolute authenticity. Serving just four varieties (Margherita, Marinara, Bianca, Filetti), some patrons scoffed at his resemblance to the Soup Nazi and his $21 price tag for a personal pie.

(courtesy of Aaron Landry)

Egos, reputations, and prices aside, UPN and Mangieri will be missed (much like my Saturday night opportunity). Best of luck out west.

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