Monday, July 27, 2009

Angelo's Pizza

One of the lesser known and under-appreciated NY pizza joints, Angelo's Pizza in Midtown offers one of the best coal-oven pies I've had in the city. Like most coal-oven establishments, they don't do slices- always a bit of a drag for pizzaheads on the go.

Fortunately, thanks to my company's 'free pizza Friday' edict, I get to scarf this pizza once a week!

Angelo's, though a relatively new pizzeria (est. '98), was founded by the nephew of the titular pizzaiolo. The first Angelo's opened on 57th (btwn 6th & 7th ave.), now with two more locations on 2nd avenue and W. 53rd right next to Ed Sullivan Theater/Dave Letterman.

This is the standard Margherita. Since the pies get delivered, I've never been able to see them made. It almost looks like the mozzarella is cooked on, THEN topped with sauce. I am confused.

Angelo's does a couple unique things with their pie. First, they generously sprinkle every pizza with oregano. I usually skip most 'pizza condiments,' but I really appreciate what this imposed flavoring does for slice.

Second, the corniccione is pretty remarkable (though I've heard it likened to Grimaldi's). Slightly charred like any coal oven pizza, Angelo's crust is never dry and chewy rather than crispy. I'm not exactly sure how to classify their pies, but I'd say somewhere between a Neapolitan and a Roman.

As always, the pictures never do a pizza justice.

Angelo's only offers a handful of toppings, my favs being mushrooms and ricotta (substituted for mozz), though I wish they did a spinach pie. Regardless, Angelo's puts up a good fight as a competitive NY coal-oven pizzeria (the 2nd of only two in Midtown after John's of 44th St.)

Overall: floppy, chewy, zesty, fresh and bodacious flavor. Thank god I'm on a weekly regimen.

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