Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sheesh I'm getting behind on my updates, please forgive me!

Sunday evening I walked (all of five minutes from my apartment) to Franny's in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave.

Husband-and-wife couple Andrew Feinberg and Francine Stephens have themselves a cozy if not hip place to 'grab' a Neapolitan pie. Unlike some of the more die-hard NY pizzaiolos hellbent on Naples authenticity, Feinberg seems proud of never having been to Italy. After all, you don't have to visit the pizza mecca just to make a great pie.

Even though the pies are cooked in a wood-burning brick oven and use imported San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozz from Italy (all ingredients used can be found down the street at Feinberg and Stephens' general store Bklyn Larder), Andrew takes a few liberties with his ingredients. King Arthur all-purpose flour from Vermont is used in lieu of the more traditional Caputo 00 Italian grade (I can already hear pizza snobs scoffing).

The result is interesting- while the crust and cornicione was as chewy and charred as its '00' counterparts, it was more airy, bubbly, and well, hollow.

My only other 'complaint' is that it seems like someone was a little trigger-happy with the EVOO

This was the first Neapolitan that I've had that dripped greasy oil out of the 'pizza canyon' after folding my slice in half. It was also the first to come unsliced like I keep hearing about (I don't mind slicing my own pizza, but if I have use a fork and knife just to eat it? FAIL).

I appreciated Feinburg's stray from the seemingly set in stone Neapolitan ingredient code. Wait, is that Parmesan cheese on the cornicione?!

I see what you did there Mr. Feinburg, and I dig it. (He wasn't around to chat up, but his underlings were)

This guy is throwin' dough like it's not even a big deal. Franny's: relatively less conventional, but without sacrificing any flavor. *scarf*


  1. I was sick in bed on monday and watched 5 hours of man v food because the remote was hidden (i was actually sitting on it). But never-the-less there was a segement on Chicago pizza... It was interesting to say the least. I think you would find it full of information.

    -Duff master

  2. Andrew hasn't worked in Italy, but has traveled and eaten there.


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