Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grilled Pizza 8/26

This week I trekked up to Williamsburg for a friend's potluck barbecue birthday party. Instead of bringing the usual corn or burgers, I decided to take my first stab at grilling a pizza. I packed up some dough, sauce, basil and cheese and jumped on the G train.

After stopping at Sal's Pizza (see above), I got to the party only to find the sauce container had opened and spilled the majority of it's contents into my bag. Gross. Note to self: double bag next time!

Despite this mishap, the steady drizzle outside, and my level of intoxication, I coated the dough in olive oil and threw it on the grill.

Oiling the dough and/or the grill itself is crucial or else the dough will stick. The coals were positioned in a thick layer uniformly across the bottom of the grill. Joshua Bousel has a great tutorial on grilling pizza in which he suggests keeping 'hot' and 'cold' hemispheres in your grill for maximum heat control. I didn't do this, but I see its benefits.

I covered the grill for about 7 minutes until the topside of the dough started to bubble, almost like a pancake. Using a spatula, I flipped the dough and covered for another 5 minutes before removing it from the grill to apply the sauce, cheese and basil. Thanks to Dev, my pizza assistant for his speedy ingredient preparation. Pizza put back on the grill for 2-3 more minutes.

I know, I know! It's light on sauce! If 75% of it didn't spill in my bag I would have put more on, I'm just glad I was able to salvage what I did. It sure looks flat-bread!

Looks like it could use a bit more cheese to.. oh well, this was my first time cooking AND eating grilled pizza, so you gotta start somewhere right? The good news is that what I lost in ingredients was made up for by the crust. The entire slab of dough had a thin, crunchy shell to it with a nice doughy, chewy inside. Yum!

Adam @ Slice has a couple excellent grilled pizza recipes/tutorials you should definitely check out before summer is completely over.

Next time I think I'll just use my own grill and keep my messenger bag out of the equation.

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