Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Boots

Two Boots may just be the most polarizing pizza in New York.

In my experience, if you mention these two words to anyone who's had Two Boots pizza, their eyes will either flare with excitement or squint in disgust. With six locations across Manhattan and several more in Brooklyn, Connecticut and L.A., Two Boots also runs a video store and ran the Pioneer Theater for nine years until it's unfortunate and recent demise nearly a year ago.

As a disclaimer, this pizza was delivered rather than eaten 'on location.' I promise I'm not getting lazy! We had the pizza delivered at work, and to be fair, I've had Two Boots at the pizzeria as well as delivered, and it tastes about the same either way. In my opinion, TB is different from the average NY slice in three ways:


Two Boots uses a heavy coating of cornmeal/polenta on their dough. From what I can tell, it's not actually used IN the dough, just to keep it from sticking to the pizza peel and oven. Some people REALLY don't like this touch. I myself like it from time to time but it's not for every pizza.


I don't know how to put my finger on TB's sauce- it's got a bold, peppery kick to it. No chunks and never over-applied, it really adds some character to the slice without 'stealing the show.' Again, some people don't care for it and opt instead for a sweeter or more bland gravy you come to expect from run-of-the-mill NY slices.


A quick glance at Two Boot's list of toppings and styles may leave your head spinning. Artichoke (above), crawfish, creole chicken, bbq shrimp and cajun ham are just a few of the unexpected and unconventional additions TB offers.

Keeping the film/pop-culure vibe going, Two Boots offers a list of specialty pizzas named after memorable characters from TV and film, including "The Newman," "The Dude," "Mr. Pink," and the delicious pie seen above, "The Larry Tate" (spinach and tomatoes on a white pie).

Two Boots may not be for the average pizza-eater; after all, it's not your average pizzeria. But with it's unorthodox ingredients, exotic toppings, and it's fun film twist to boot, Two Boots is a refreshing pizza oasis in a desert of analogous NY slices.

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