Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sal's Pizza (Brooklyn)

At the insistence of one of my coworkers, I made a stop at Sal's Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to try their grandma-style slice.

Grandma-style pizza, for those unfamiliar, is basically a thinner version of it's square Sicilian counterpart, usually light on the cheese.

The good news: I got the last grandma slice at Sal's.
The bad news: it wasn't an edge piece. Blast!

Patrick at work was right- the slice was awesome. I only wish I could have ordered another! The crust had a great crispiness on the bottom (and it needs to; I can't imagine having to eat a soggy, floppy version of this).

None too burnt. You can actually see where the heat and CO2 gets trapped between the floor of the oven and the bottom of the crust, creating gas bubbles keeping the dough from touching the hot oven surface (the light splotchy areas seen above).

Sal's bakes their grandma pies with pecorino Romano, giving it a great cheese-saturated taste. I wolfed it down with a quickness and left, as the cops next to me were giving me strange stares as if I was some sort of pizza pedophile for snapping pics of my slice.

Eating a slice like this reminded me that I need to check out Brooklyn's Spumoni Gardens. We'll see if Sal's can put up a good fight.

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  1. Good for Patrick instisting you go here. It's a great place. When I first got to New York I practically lived there, reading books from the nearby library. Very friendly folks and great pizza.


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