Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Nines Pizzeria

This past Labor Day weekend I found myself in Ithaca, NY and as always, hungry for a slice. The Ithaca Pizza Review pointed me in the direction of The Nines Pizzeria in the Collegetown area of Cornell University. Yummm.

I had heard some great things about what they call the "deep dish," but was surprised when the slice came out looking more like a Sicilian square on steroids.

This picture really doesn't do the piece justice; the slice is massive. While it took a bit longer to get the pizza, I eventually realized that the individual slices my friends and I ordered were coming to us in our own personal pie! I was expecting some sort of rubbery, crusty reheat, but this was far from it.

Considering The Nines refers to the slice as a deep dish, I was caught a bit off guard when it wasn't the Chicago-style that I had imagined. No sweat- this pizza exceeded whatever off-base expectations I had. The dough was supremely soft and airy but crunchy and supportive of the thick layer of stringy mozzarella.

A bit sloppy? Sure. But at least you can pick it up and chow down, no fork and knife required. C'mon, look at that mozz!

The waitstaff were killer (free pitcher of beer!), and to top it all off, they have a pizza dumbwaiter that shuttles the pizzas from the kitchen above to the bar and restaurant below.

That's pizza service to the nines.

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