Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finger Lakes Flat Bread

So as I was nodding my head to The Hold Steady's positive jams and sipping Ithaca Beer Co.'s delicious Cascazilla at The Positive Jam with some friends, I didn't think the day could get any better. Until I caught sight of this:

A mobile (!!) wood-fired brick oven. I was complete. Finger Lakes Flat Bread make a variety of delicious, crispy thin crust pizzas (yes, PIZZAS- I've seen my fair share of flatbreads trying to unfairly call themselves pizzas and these are definitely worthy of the distinction to be called pizzas). "Menu" here courtesy of Ithaca Pizza Review.

All the "flat breads" are assembled just to the side of the oven, then tossed in for about a minute and a half.

I ordered the Margherita and was delighted by its oblong, irregular shape. Even cooler, it was cut in a zig-zag shoelace-style pattern fresh out of the oven!

The mozz was uniformly delicious and stretchy, and the bottom crust perfectly charred.

Light and crispy, but not so much that it was a cracker with sauce and cheese on top. The thin cornicione had a nice crunch to it to compliment the more moist center of the pie - with slices this small you can really get a great bite of both the center and edge of the pizza.

After speaking with FLFB's founder, she told me the mobile oven came all the way from Cali (couldn't tell me where exactly). She frequents the weekly Ithaca Farmer's Market and other random events like The Positive Jam. I've been meaning to check out Dave Sclarow's more DIY Neapolitan version of this at the Brooklyn Flea Market- looks like I know how I'm spending my weekend!

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