Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pizza Moto

Earlier this month I covered Finger Lakes Flatbread, my first experience with mobile pizza ovens. Though the concept may sound gimmicky at first, one bite of Dave Sclarow's Pizza Moto proves the quality rivals that of any Neapolitan pie in the city.

This is apparently Dave's third oven. After building two brick ovens, both succumbed to the batterings of New York's pothole-ridden streets.

(courtesy of NY Times)

Now the oven is made of diamond-plated steel, complete with a cool facade and built-in thermometor to prove it's 800 degree environment.

All the pies are made on sight by Dave and three others. While it only takes each pie a minute to cook in the oven (literally), there was about a 20 minute wait from start to finish (Dave's gotten quite popular at the Brooklyn Flea). The menu is nice and simple - Margheritas and white pies only, with the option of adding pepperoni.

Dave cut his teeth around the corner at Franny's before going solo. It's fun to watch him build the pizzas- the dough (a wet, cold-rise recipe that has to be 'fridged overnight) looks like a cloud that he gently pokes before adding the gravy and tasty mozz. I asked the very busy Dave a few questions, but I've heard he's weary of pizzaphile freaks like myself so I kept it short (as if my picture-taking didn't call enough attention to itself).

Once the pie comes out, there's a mandatory Parmesan coating (ala Franny's), oil dousing, and quartering before finally being ready for consumption.

Oh yum. The pie was fantastic! Pardon my lack of a good medium shot of the pizza, but it was totally overexposed. The cornicione was delicious- maybe a tad over-charred but not enough to really affect the flavor in a negative way.

So fluffy; so chewy. Some of the other pies that came out after mine had some more serious burns on them, but since it wasn't my pizza I'm going to look the other way.

Delish. My only criticism would be I wish they'd throw a little more basil on there, but I'm just being picky. Dave and the Pizza Moto oven and crew can be found at the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene on Saturdays and under the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday. Not only is this an incredible and tasty pie, it's nearly half the price and half the wait of many of city's hottest Neapolitan joints.

Get one and chow down!


  1. Hi my name is John Sereika from Sydney Australia,a friend and i were sitting outside next to my tailer yesterday when he commented on his little business idea ,Mobile Pizza oven, you see i have a tent marque in my trailer as well a large one,i replied I've had that same idea.
    So i crewsed the net and found you guys your trailer idea looks great ,please let me know what we are able to do together,just to let you know I'm not real financial at this moment,so if you keep that in mind ,and in Australia.
    so im thinking perhaps your plans I'm prety handy with metal and welding ,ofcourse your costs,thanks so much .Kindregards John Sereika

  2. I really like to eat outside but this is ridiculous..


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