Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Avalanche Pizza

I just got a nice email from John Gutekanst who runs multiple-award-winning pizzeria Avalanche Pizza in Athens, OH. This place looks awesome- a million toppings, specialty pies, and what I find most remarkable: a willingness to make a variety of regional-style pizzas. Where Chicago deep dish pizzerias and New York Neapolitan joints tend to strictly stick to what they know, John seems to have mastered the thin crust, the deep dish, and the Neapolitan. What better a location to do this than exactly halfway between the Big Apple and the Windy City?

John also just started a blog of his own, Pizza Goon, which follows his adventures in pizza-making and experimenting. The guy obviously has an obsession with fresh ingredients and loves making pies- looks like I need to take a trip out to Athens.

As John puts it, "Semper Pie!"

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