Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Old" Domino's

Dear Anonymous:

You were right. In my recent post about Frank Pepe's, I may have been a bit brash- even scathing in my likening of Pepe's pie to that of a coal-fired Domino's "pizza." While I never write anything for the sole sake of being provocative, I will admit that it has in fact been quite a while since I ate a Domino's pizza. Immediately after reading your comment, I ordered a large of my childhood staple.

And yes, this pizza has absolutely nothing on Pepe's Margherita. I can't even tell where the cheese ends and the crust begins with this thing.

The overall taste of this pizza gave me the same guttural dissatisfaction I experience in the off chance I indulge in a twinkie or a Wendy's frosty knowing (or at least feeling) it's one ingredient away from being some sort of industrially synthesized plastic.

To be honest, I'd really be interested (and probably horrified) to see a Domino's pizza made from start to finish. How long before this thing was fired do you think the dough was made? (Any anonymous former Domino's employees out there care to enlighten me?) It's clearly baked on a circular wire rack and not directly on the oven floor.

This was the only shot of sauce I could get. It looks like a scar where the 'cornicione' and the cheese split. It doesn't matter; the sauce is nearly non-existent and tasteless at best. The cheese feels genetically engineered. The crust is chewy and artificially bready in the soggiest of ways- and to think I even did Domino's a favor by throwing the whole pie into my oven on my stone for a few minutes before taking a bite- all in vain. THIS is not pizza, and I needed a refresher to truly open my eyes to this fact.

So Anonymous, while I still feel Pepe's leaves something to be desired, my comparison with the aforementioned "pizza" was off-base. I vow to choose my words wiser henceforth; thank you for your contention.

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  1. Wow, that's what I call taking one for the team! Glad I was able to help you correct your childhood memories, sorry you had to eat Domino's to do it. I had the same experience with Pizza Hut a few years back ("it can't be that bad, right? I mean I used to like it" "WRONG! it's at least that bad, I'm sticking to the salad bar and breadsticks").


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