Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Pizza, pt. 2

So as it turns out, the last of HKP's macaroni and cheese pizza was whisked away by none other than Stefanie J., a field correspondent of Slice (go figure!). I have to hand it to her, not having had M&C pizza before to gauge this slice, I couldn't have written the review better myself - but I still have to try!

After suffering such disappointment yesterday, I was a bit overzealous about getting to HPK early- so much so that they weren't even open yet (making me the only guy waiting outside for the doors to open. Embarrassing? Of course not). Once in, Steve knew what I wanted and popped an M&C into the oven.

Similar to their grilled cheese pizza, the slice's mainstay source of cheese is American (gasp! I know, but not a terrible choice for a pie like this). Today it was straight out of the oven, not leaving enough time for the cheese to look too grodie and malformed.

Yum... just as deliciously messy as the grilled cheese slice-

As gooey and tasty as the slice is, the macaroni itself is a bit dried out- I'm not quite sure how this could be avoided. It seems as though HKP layers the American on top of the elbow macaroni (probably the smartest idea), and the slice is surprisingly none too thick. I was expecting something a bit more imposing, like most ziti slices.

With all that pasta on top I expected the undercrust to be soggy and weak, but it was the opposite: nice, crisp, crunchy, and strong enough to support the insanity happening on top.

All said and done, it was a pretty scrumptious- but not overwhelming- specialty slice. I would grab it again if I were nearby, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Call me crazy, but I think it could stand a thin layer of sauce to offset the immense amount of cheese (and carbs) on the pie. Maybe I'll make one myself...

I grabbed one of their run-of-the-mill standard slices and hit the road.

I apologize for the harsh derogatory Wisconsonite remarks I made about Stefanie in the last post; the Packers' loss to the Favre-led Vikings must sting enough ; )

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