Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Famous" Joe's on Carmine in the West Village is one of my favorite NY slice joints. Any time I'm in the area I have to pop in for a plain or fresh mozz slice- it's simple, solid, and has more flavor than most by-the-slice shops in the city.

I can't find how long Joe's has been up and running, but it's been for long enough to garner a considerable amount of respect from New Yorkers and earn a spot in Spiderman 2. Joe likes to keep things simple- pizza and salads (but let's be honest, who orders a salad at Joe's. C'mon). They have a decent selection of toppings, but their real winner is their plain and fresh mozzarella pies. On my latest visit, I couldn't decide between the two so I ordered both.

First came the plain, cut fresh from a pie straight out of the oven. The pictures really don't do the pizza justice, something I find true with most NY slices good or bad, though I have seen some pretty hideous pizzas at Slice Harvester.

The sauce is typically sweet like most slices in the city- not in a fresh tomato kind of way, but more of a sugar-mixed-in style. Meh. The undercrust is pretty awesome though, thin & crispy but plenty pliable.

Next came the fresh mozz slice-

This slice of pizza was off to a great start. The cheese is drastically better, or I suppose I should say "fresher" considering it's name, and the sauce is definitely different than it's plain predecessor; it tastes much more like actual tomatoes and has what tastes like a light oregano addition.

What happens next is tragic. Halfway through my slice, as I was forcefully negotiating with the pizza for another bite, this happened:

Pizza dismemberment! In case you can't tell what happened in this trainwreck of a picture, the crust split in two before falling to my plate in a tomatoey mess. WTF Joe's?! I am seriously effing disappointed! Regardless, it still all tasted good going down as sloppy as it was, and to be fair- I was eating the slice flat out without a NY fold that maybe could have prevented this crime scene, but STILL...

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