Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Pizza, pt. 1

After seeing Adam's post about macaroni and cheese pizza, I trekked over to Hell's Kitchen Pizza (47th St. & 10th Ave.) to check it for myself.

I used to live a block away from this place and occasionally stopped in for slice or a square (pretty mediocre in my opinion, but not bad by any stretch of the means), but never saw or heard anything about an M&C slice...

HKP is a really small little spot that has a cool rockabilly feel to it. I talked to one of the "pizzaiolowners" Steve Grillo (who strangely used to be a Howard Stern icon), and he gave me some bad news: some Wisconsinite cheeseheads came by and scarfed every last M&C slice in the joint!!! (My angry inner-Minnesotan is coming out)

Disappointed but still hungry, I ordered a square and thought I'd try the grilled cheese slice, which is American cheese slices with chunks of tomato:

Not one of the most appetizing looking things, but I have to admit it's a pretty tasty slice provided you like (processed?) slices of American cheese. There's a reason this kind of cheese isn't so popular on a pizza: it burns quickly, doesn't keep very well, and looks like plastic surgery gone wrong. That being said, don't judge a slice by it's cover.

As the doo-wop tunes wafted around the place, I made a mess chowing down. Under the thin coagulated layer of skin, the American cheese oozed with every bite. The end crust had a nice crisp outer layer and chewy inside, but the tomatoes were nothing to write home about. If I were a meat-eater, I would have ordered their acclaimed Hellfire slice (pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage and cherry peppers).

I'll be back again tomorrow... before the cheeseheads strike.


  1. Sorry the cheeseheads bought out all the slices. I think they might have been the very Wisconsinite cheeseheads I asked to send in word from the field!

  2. I cannot think of Mac and cheese pizza without thinking of Cici's. ewwww. I'll try to be open minded if I ever come across it in a REAL pizza joint.


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